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Made-to-measure mouthguards in Hobart

Here at Bellerive Denture Care, our dedicated dental team can provide you with made-to-measure fitted sports mouthguards that will ensure one of you most important assets - your natural teeth - are always well protected, allowing you to play sports in comfort.

Doctor holding a custom mouth guard in Hobart

Superior custom-made mouthguards

Whether for adults or for children, our dental team can promptly provide you with custom mouthguards that fit your teeth far better than inferior, “boil and bite” products.

When engaging in potentially dangerous sporting activities, the fit and comfort of your sports mouthguard is vital. The last thing you or your child needs while competing is a mouthguard that restricts proper breathing, causes irritation and sore spots on the gums, or falls out during that all important moment that could make the different between victory or defeat. 

Our team has all of the necessary skills needed to design, construct, and fit specialised made-to-measure laminated sports mouthguards that will allow you or your child to concentrate on what matters most when competing.

For made-to-measure mouthguards in Hobart, 
call Bellerive Denture Care today on 03 6244 6564.

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